It is true that toxicity in our workplaces exposes us to chemicals and metals that results in hair loss. The chemicals are taken in small doses over time but result in hair loss in the long run. Luckily, you can now check the falling out of hair using Profollica gel or pills. This is a two-part system that utilizes natural ingredients to target the DHT levels. It nourishes the hair and checks the DHT levels.

Elements that cause loss of hair

Arsenic is one of the naturally occurring elements that cause the DH levels to increase resulting in hair loss. It is used as a preservative and is also found in water, air, and soil. It is ingested in small quantities, but over time, it becomes poisonous and leads to hair loss.

Boric acid is also dangerous and has been blamed for the increasing incidences of hair loss. Boric is used to make a host of products such as skin lotions, glass, roach killing products, cleaning products and cosmetics. It is toxic when inhaled and could cause anagen effluvium, a condition that leads to hair loss when toxins interfere with the first phase of hair growth cycle.  

Also, the lead which is commonly used in industries is also found in many products that we use in our day to day activities. Lead poisoning can lead to severe hair loss.

Fortunately, these conditions could be slowed down or stopped by using Profollica. It lowers the amount of DHT that the body produces when exposed to toxic substances and stops the hair loss trend. The supplement contains amino acids, nutrients, proteins and enzymes that help to curb production of DHT.  It also neutralizes other aspects such as stress, depression which are also believed to contribute to hair loss.